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Project Details
  • WhiskyRun9
    Location Determined by GPS
    Passive Treatment System
    Blackleggs Creek
    Blackleggs Creek

    The Whisky Run #9 treatment system is designed to passively remove aluminum, iron, and manganese and add alkalinity to the watershed. The discharge is net-neutral to weakly net acidic (average 7.6 net alkaline) and contains low levels of iron (average 1.9 mg/L) and aluminum (average 3.5 mg/L) and some manganese (average 9.3 mg/L). The treatment strategy incorporates limestone to ensure a net alkaline discharge and ponds plus densely vegetated wetlands for retention of particulate metals (Fe and Al) and a long limestone channel for final polishing and manganese removal.

Treatment Technologies
Treatment Technology Quantity of Elements

No treatment technologies defined for this project.